Our Company

Founded in 2004, VarData is a rapidly-growing value-added reseller supporting next generation and legacy networks for both service provider and enterprise customers.

Because we work closely and collaboratively with the manufacturers of the products we sell, we’re able to make recommendations that fit your technical specifications and budget.

Selling and supporting network equipment isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain breed. It takes people who are both technically savvy and customer-centric. It takes people who are both strategic, “Big Picture” thinkers and tactically resolute, ensuring all the details are covered. It takes people who can listen intently and give thoughtfully crafted advice. And it takes people who understand—and truly care about—the consequences you will face if your network fails.

You also need to be confident in the manufacturers. That’s why we only partner with industry leaders—leaders in innovation and design, leaders in reliability, and leaders in developing pragmatic solutions to your real needs.

At VarData, we couldn’t be more proud of the technology we sell, the manufacturers we represent, and the services we offer. But in all reality, our people are at the very heart of what we do. After all, VarData is only as strong as the people we employ. So we’ve created a working culture that attract and retain the very best sales, engineering, administrative, and leadership teams in the industry.

Get to know us, and let us prove it to you.