Our Management Team

Jeff Coke
President, Co-founder

Jeff Coke is President of VarData, which he co-founded in 2004 and quickly established as a premier VAR for telecom equipment and network hardware. Jeff has over 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, and operations of technology companies. Prior to VarData, Jeff represented firms like Xerox, US Surgical, and start-up internet firms Authoria and TruExchange.

Mike Mccabe
Vice President, Co-founder

Mike McCabe is Vice President and co-founder of VarData. Mike has over 20 years of wholesale experience in data and network hardware. During this time, Mike has developed relationships that span the globe and help position VarData as a trusted source for network infrastructure. Prior to VarData, Mike worked in marketing and sales at Xerox and also helped two other start-up resellers establish a presence in the secondary market.

Matt Pease
Vice President Of Engineering

Matt Pease is Vice President of Engineering for VarData. Matt has a diverse background in engineering with over 15 years of experience. Prior to VarData, Matt worked for Xerox Corporation and Corning Incorporated as a systems engineer. Under Matt’s leadership, VarData has been able to establish itself as a trusted technical partner to its customers while providing them with quality equipment.

Alissa Seidman
Vice President Of Operations & Finance

Alissa Seidman is Vice President of Operations for VarData. Alissa began her career at Barclays Capital, as a Financial Analyst on the Fixed Income team. She joined VarData in 2009, focusing on improving internal processes and customer touch points, including maintenance of VarData’s ISO certification, staff management and training, and client outreach and contracting.